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Junior red cross

Junior Red Cross.JPG

           President         :   Rev. Bro. Head Master

           Co-ordinater   :   Mr. Armstrong Ophili s

   sub  Co-ordinater  :    Mr.Cyril Basker S

  • Always be ready to serve
  • It tries to do a good deed for a day
  • The habit of doing services and writing them down in a daily note book is excellent
  • The moto of JRC “My duty is to serve”
  • Red cross is based on health, service, friendship
  • In our school 25 students involved every year, doing their excellency

road saftey club

           President         :   Rev. Bro. Head Master

           Co-ordinater   : Mr. Paulraj Rayappa C





  • All the 9th standard students are the members of this road safety club. once in the month club meeting  is conducted

  • It is very important to be aware that road traffic injuries remain an important in student's health problem

Road Safty Club.JPG
  • Road safety pertains to the measures taken to reduce the risk of road traffic injuries           and death

  • Club members instruct the students to follow and obey the traffic rules at all time                      in their life

National green corps

National Green Corps.JPG

      President         :   Rev. Bro. Head Master

       Co-ordinater   :   Dr.Yesuraja K

  • In our school there  are 50 students in national green crops
  • A meeting for troopers is held every Tuesday
  • Water management committee
  • Tree conservation committee
  • Cleaning team
  • Creative team
  • Preserving greenery everywhere in school
  • Planting of new saplings
  • Every veteran is fully engaged in these tasks to protect the greenery



   President         :   Rev. Bro.HeadMaster

   Co-ordinater   :   Mr.RAIMONRAJ R                    

"Duty to god & country
Duty to others
Duty yourself"

For environmental protection, planting of trees in schools   homes and public places

                         Teaching school students first aid during physical injury

                           Involvement I school worship services

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