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school history

                Our St. Antony’s School was initiated at first by Fr.Arulanandan, then parish priest of Manapparai (1940-1958) with 51 boys and girls as a primary school at manjampatty on 13th June 1941. This school grew year by year and became with a full strength of 525 at the later period.  At this status our school was handed over to Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel the efficient and dedicated congregation with the education mission as their apostolate.  It was through the hard effort of Montfort Brother of St. Gabriel, this school was upgraded as middle school on 9th June 1961.


                Present primary school campus area was bought in the year 1975 in view of the future development and growth of the school.  Each effort taken by the administration in view of growth of the school gave fruit on 12th July 1976. It was that day the school was once again upgraded as high school.  Though our school was upgraded to the level of high school it could not be shifted to the present school campus, because there was no building and other facilities at that time. As the number of students increased with the great effort of Bro Xavier Montfort, then Headmaster & Correspondent of the school constructed a building and shifted the high school to this present campus in the year 1990.






                        Further on 30th June 1999, our school got upgraded once again as Higher Secondary school with the self-financed management by Bro. Soosairaj.  New building and lab facilities were made to fulfill the requirement of the department at his period. Our school had an orphanage attached in the school campus itself  till the year 2016 with the greater facilities in view of helping the poor background students.  Later in the year 2018 it was converted as minimum paid hostel as there was lots of difficulties encountered from the govt side.  It was in the year 2012 a parallel English medium was started as there was requirement from the part of parents. Under the able administration of Bro. Thiruthuvan, Bro. Antony.R, Bro, Antony A and Bro. Joseph Sahayam our school grew to this level today. At present Bro Joseph Thomas took charge as Headmaster & Correspondent in the year 2019-2020, and continuing the mission of Montfort Brothers with the great zeal.

Bro.Joseph Thomas.K


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