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                                                       I must be proud of my school.

This is my school-

                            My school must be proud of me .


  All for the glory of God.

 Knowledge lights up our life towards wisdom.

You are measured by your values and conduct.

 Be ready to utilize the innovations to strengthen our curriculum.

 Always face the challenges with positive attitude .


Bro. Joseph Thomas.K


about our school

  • This institution definitely provides you standard education and intellectual confinement to be successful in future.

  • High grade learners (so called teachers ) are well efficient  to train the children in modern  era with self discipline. 

  • Classrooms are spacious and well ventilated to grasp knowledge and wisdom in a sound mind.

  • Adequately clean drinking water is provided for all the children.

  • Physics, chemistry, biology and computer laboratories  are excellent and  safely constructed with proper insulations and the children are perfectly guided and supervised by our staff to acquire the practical knowledge and they may invest this practical knowledge to invent innovatively

  • Book is a  feed to soul. To feed the souls we have a big library with many books and the students are instructed to use the  library daily

  • To make mind and physique active they are encouraged to take part in various sports and games activities 

  • Students special talents are recognized, and nurtured directed   towards higher level and trained

  • The chapel where God abides can is  used to develop positivity and peace of mind

  • As we grow children in Montfortian values which enhances humanity in life

  • Our school has strictly maintaining green environment and the students learn  to nurture  the nature

  • Hostel facility  is available with all infrastructure for 6th to 12th std boys

  • Understanding each and every student we help them in their academic and life skills. Tutors  are friendly and they are well trained to meet recent technological evolutions and character deviation with the peer

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